Plate reader Tecan SPARK Cyto wins award

Tecan SPARK Cyto plate reader won the LSIA for "Innovation - Best New Product - Cell Biology"

Tecan SPARK Cyto

Silver winner - Life Science Industry Award 2019

Our plate reader, Tecan SPARK Cyto, was the silver winner of the Bioinformatics Inc. Life Science Industry Award 2019 in the category "Innovation - Best New Product - Cell Biology". 

Products that improve the flow and automation

Bioinfomatics Inc say that the cell biology customers are looking for products that improve the flow of and/ or automate the various steps of cell-based research including growth, isolation, expansion, analyzing, and production. Accordingly, many companies are devising innovative solutions to streamline and automate workflows for greater throughput, more reliable results and faster discoveries.

It is the first live cell plate reader

First live cell plate reader to offer real-time detection and analysis

The Spark Cyto is a multi-mode plate reader with fluorescence imaging and cytometry capabilities, unlocking new possibilities for your cell-based research. It is the first live cell plate reader to offer real-time detection and analysis of biological, chemical and physical events – capturing the maximum amount of data from every well, at the same time and under the same conditions.

Captures the whole well area in just one image

By combining live cell imaging with industry-leading detection technologies, you now have the ability to unite qualitative and quantitative information to be integrated into unique multiparametric data sets. With three magnification levels and four acquisition channels, it enables entire cell populations to be investigated by capturing the whole well area of 96- or 384-well microplates in just one image, without tiling or distortion.

Top-of-the-range camera

Spark Cyto uses top-of-the-range camera components and an LED autofocus system to provide real-time data acquisition and analysis. 

Delivers meaningful insights faster than ever before

Your cells don’t stay static when you leave the lab, so your research requires a dynamic instrument that ensures you never miss a key event. Spark Cyto works in real -time, using parallel data acquisition and analysis- to deliver meaningful insights faster than ever before.

About Bioinformatics Inc

BioInformatics Inc, part of the Science and Medicine Group, is the leading research and advisory firm serving the life science and diagnostic industries. They provide critical market intelligence to major suppliers serving the life science, analytical instrument and clinical diagnostic markets and are responsible for the yearly "Life Science Industry Award".

You can read more about Tecan SPARK Cyto here.


Multimodul plate reader

Also in our assortment of plate readers we offer the Tecan SPARK.

  • Consistent and reproducible absorbance data in a snap using the HSM - High Speed Monochromator
  • No compromise between sensitivity and flexibility for every fluorescence measurement with Fusion Optics – use filters and/or monochromator for flexibility and sensitivity at your choice
  • Protect your cells from evaporation with the patented Lid Lifter™ and automated reagent injection with SparkControl™ and humidity cassette.
  • Improved assay stability to get robust data with Te-Cool™ - an innovative cooling module that increases reproducibility of experimental data. Stable temperature between 18 and 42°C!

Spark is fully upgradeable.

You can read more about Tecan SPARK here.